Check out Jennifer Hornberger Photography’s NEW WEBSITE!!!!

I am finally finished with my new website for Jennifer Hornberger Photography!!!  I am so excited and have worked really hard to create it so that it is as easy to navigate as possible while also providing some of my favorite photos of my recent photo sessions.  Click HERE to visit!

I have combined my photography blog and my ‘personal’ family blog all in one (see the BLOG tab ‘drop down’ on my website).  I am hoping this makes it easier and more convenient for everyone to follow all the happenings at Jennifer Hornberger Photography and the Hornberger family :).

You can click the “FOLLOW” tab at the left hand side of my new website to receive new blog posts directly to your email inbox!

and…..if you have not already, please visit my facebook page (HERE) and become a fan :)

I hope that everyone is enjoying their last few days before school starts again.  Also, I am already starting to book photography sessions for the fall, so if you would like to have some family photos done (hint…Christmas cards)  please let me know and we can get you on my calendar.   It will be here before you know it!

Here’s a photo I took of the boys this week that makes me smile :)

DSC_9504-2Have a great weekend!

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The boys found out that if they go outside and blow bubbles by our puppy Scout, then he goes CRAZY trying to chase them and “eat” them.  It is so funny.  If you have a dog, you have to try this.  It will really wear them out (the dog and kids) :)  It is especially funny when the bubble lands on the grass and pops and Scout wonders where in the world it went ;)  Have a great weekend everyone!





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Ellie Ann’s One!

Our sweet niece Ellie Ann turned one year old at the beginning of June.  Here are some photos of her very first taste of birthday cake (she loved it by the way :) ) and some photos from her one year photo shoot.  She is such a sweetie and so….beautiful!












DSC_8283We love you Ellie!  Happy 1st Birthday!  


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If you’re on facebook, you may have already seen these.  But if not, I would love to share them with you.  I had the honor of capturing photos for this beautiful bride and handsome groom’s 60th wedding anniversary.  They got their whole wedding party together 60 years later at the same church they said their vows in many years ago. 

It was so special to me to be able to share in the moment and between you and me….there were a few times I about teared up ;).  Here are a few of my favorite photos of the bride & groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids, wedding director, and the bride and groom’s 4 wonderful children….60 years later.  Don’t they all look beautiful?

And, if you haven’t taken the time to “like” Jennifer Hornberger photography on facebook, I would love for you to take time to do so.  I am almost at 100 likes…only 4 to go :)  Thanks everyone!  Have a wonderful weekend!



























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Monroe Aquatics & Fitness Center Dash ‘n’ Splash 5K and Birthday Bash!

I was fortunate enough to be asked to photograph the Monroe Aquatics and Fitness Center Dash ‘n’ Splash 5K and Birthday Bash in Monroe, NC a few weeks ago.  It was also a special time because it was Tyler & Carter’s first ever 5K.

I’ll have to say, at first when they asked me to be the photographer for the race, I wanted so badly to say ‘no’.  I knew it would be a lot (and I mean A LOT) of work and I was overwhelmed a little when they told me they already had almost 300 runners/walkers registered!  All I could think about was having to get up early in the morning, stand at the finish line for an hour to hour and a half, squatting up and down the whole time, taking 300 runners photos….as I dodged them as they were running towards me so that I wouldn’t get squashed :)  Also, the thought of editing, posting them online, gathering orders, ordering the photos, packaging the photos, and delivering them.  Whew!!!  It is making me exhausted just thinking about it :)

Well, my wonderful and always positive, ‘cup is always half full not half empty’ husband managed to talk me into doing it.  And you know what…..I am SO GLAD I did.  I went for it.  I did it.  And I had the BEST TIME!  It was so neat getting to see each person’s face as they finally finished their 3.1 miles.  Some, it was their first race.  Some came through in tears and jumps of joy.  Some had many races under their belts, but the look on all of their faces were priceless……and I got to capture that moment forever for them.  And that is the reason why I am so glad that my husband got me to overcome my fear and do it.

Thank you Darrick for believing in me!  :)

Here are a few photos from the race.  I will not post any of individuals (since I always like to get permission first before I post people on my website).  But, I will post these of the start line and my two sweet boys….as they finished their first 5K :)

Congratulations Tyler & Carter!  We are so proud of you!!!DSC_7036





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The “L” Family

Oh, how I ADORE this family and it was so hard picking only a few favorites from their session.  The kids were so fun to work with and I believe we captured their personalities perfectly :)  Enjoy!



Such sweeties :)DSC_6269



This one is SUCH a cutie!DSC_6302


Their daddy wanted to be sure we got a few shots of them doing their cartwheels and handstands :)  Perfect!DSC_6358


This one is DEFINITELY worth of a huge canvas!DSC_6411
I’d have to say these last two are my favorites…..DSC_6485

DSC_6497Thank you Beverly for allowing me to capture your family!  I had a BLAST!

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Random Photos ;)

They love to catch the lizards around the house, keep them to “inspect” them for a while, then let them go :)DSC_5049

Tyler & Carter with their cousins getting ready for the Easter Egg hunt.DSC_6046

With Grandpa Hornberger.DSC_6112

Two good looking men if I do say so myself ;)DSC_6115

Another gorgeous pair….Great Grandma and Grandma Hornberger.DSC_6123

The grandsons with their Great Grandma.DSC_6130

Dying Easter eggs.  As you can probably tell…they mixed a lot of colors together ;)DSC_6161

Our new Golden Retriever puppy Scout.  We got him last weekend.  He is 6 weeks old, cute, adorable, and sweet :)DSC_6572


Scout was all tuckered out after running around with the kids.DSC_6606

Posing for me.  I am teaching him early :)DSC_6705

Have a great week!

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